A “cap” is a type of pipe fitting used to close off the end of a pipe or tube. It is a simple and flat piece with no openings or threads. Caps are designed to fit over the end of the pipe and provide a secure and sealed closure.Caps are commonly used in plumbing and piping systems to seal the ends of unused pipes or to temporarily close off a pipe during maintenance or repair work. They prevent the flow of fluids or the entry of debris, dirt, or contaminants into the pipe.Caps come in various sizes and materials, such as metal, plastic, or rubber, to match the specific pipe dimensions and application requirements. They are an essential component in maintaining the integrity and safety of piping systems.

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Data Sheet

Type:Screwed, hose. plug
Material quality:SUS304, SUS316
Flux domination of pipeline:
Applicable to various conditions and connected to

In the context of plumbing, piping, or general engineering, a “cap” is a type of pipe fitting that is used to close off the end of a pipe. It’s a cover or plug that provides a seal to prevent the escape of fluids or to protect the interior of the pipe from external elements.

Here are some key features and details about caps:

1. Design:

  • Closed End: Caps have a closed end, and they are designed to completely seal off the end of a pipe.
  • Variety of Shapes: While many caps have a simple rounded design, some may have variations in shape or features depending on the application.

2. Materials:

  • Diverse Materials: Caps can be made from various materials, including metals like steel or brass, plastics, or other materials depending on the requirements of the system.

3. Connection Types:

  • Threaded Caps: Some caps have internal threads that allow them to be screwed onto the external threads of a pipe.
  • Slip-On Caps: Others are designed to be slipped onto the end of a pipe without threads.

4. Applications:

  • Sealing: Caps are used to seal the open ends of pipes, preventing the leakage of fluids.
  • Protection: They protect the interior of pipes from dirt, debris, and other external elements.
  • Temporary Closures: Caps are often used as temporary closures during construction, maintenance, or testing of piping systems.

5. Sizes:

  • Various Sizes: Caps come in various sizes to fit different pipe diameters. Standard sizing ensures compatibility with industry standards.

6. Compliance with Standards:

  • Industry Standards: Caps are manufactured to comply with industry standards and specifications to ensure proper fit and performance.

7. Materials for Specific Applications:

  • Chemical Resistance: In some cases, caps may be made from materials that provide resistance to specific chemicals or environmental conditions.

8. Installation:

  • Secure Fit: Whether threaded or slip-on, caps are designed to provide a secure fit to ensure a tight seal.

9. Removal:

  • Easy Removal: Caps are designed to be easily removed when necessary, allowing for access to the interior of the pipe.

Caps are essential components in piping systems, providing a simple yet effective means of closing off pipes temporarily or permanently. They contribute to the integrity and functionality of plumbing and industrial systems by preventing leaks and protecting pipes from external factors.


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