Basket Strainer

Basket Strainer is a common industrial filtration equipment used to remove solid particles, impurities, and contaminants from fluids. It utilizes a basket-shaped filtering element to screen the fluid, providing reliable filtration performance and easy cleaning.


Data Sheet

-Full port, 1/2″-40″(DN15-DN1000)

The main feature of basket strainer

Structure: A basket strainer typically consists of a filter basket (strainer), valve body, inlet and outlet pipes, and a cover. The filter basket is equipped with a filtering screen or strainer to capture and collect solid particles from the fluid.

Filtration performance: Basket strainers effectively filter and capture solid particles, impurities, and contaminants from the fluid, ensuring the fluid remains clean and functions properly. The mesh size of the filter basket can be selected according to specific application requirements, usually offering various degrees of filtration fineness.

Cleaning and maintenance: When solid particles accumulate inside the filter basket to a certain extent, the cover of the basket strainer can be easily opened to take out the filter basket for cleaning and maintenance. This makes the maintenance process very convenient, without the need to disassemble the entire strainer from the pipeline system.

High flow capacity: Basket strainers typically have a large filter area, allowing them to handle high flow rates of liquids or gases. They are widely used in hydraulic systems, gas systems, circulating water systems, chemical production, and other applications.

Application range: Basket strainers are suitable for filtering various liquid and gas media, including water, oil, solvents, chemicals, coatings, fuels, etc. Common application fields include petrochemicals, power generation, pharmaceuticals, food processing, papermaking, metallurgy, and other industries.


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