Angle Seat Valve

Angle Seat Valve is a valve commonly used for the control of liquids or gases. Its unique design involves the rotation of a ball or cone to regulate the flow of fluid. Angle seat valves are typically employed in applications that require flow rate adjustment, offering reliable sealing and fluid control performance. Due to their simple structure and dependable operation, angle seat valves find widespread use in various industrial sectors.

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Data Sheet

-Full port, 1/4″-4″(DN6-DN100)
-Thread type: ASME B1.20. 1 (NPT),
NIN 259/DIN 2999, BS 21,
ISO 288-1, ISO 7-1

An angle seat valve, also known as an angle seat valve or angle valve, is a common control valve used for flow control and shut-off of liquids or gases.

Its design feature is the seat installed at an angle within the valve body, and the flow of the medium is controlled by the up and down movement of the valve plug.Angle Seat Valve

Structure: An angle seat valve consists of a valve body, valve plug, seat, and actuator. The valve plug controls the opening and closing of the seat through the up and down movement of the actuator, thereby controlling the flow of the fluid.

Flow control: Angle seat valves control the flow of fluid by adjusting the up and down movement of the valve plug. When the valve plug is lifted, the medium can flow through the passage between the valve body and seat. On the other hand, when the valve plug is pressed down, the seat is closed, preventing the flow of the medium.

Shut-off function: Angle seat valves can be used as shut-off valves to completely stop the flow of the medium in the closed position. Its structure provides reliable sealing performance, making it suitable for applications that require strict control of media flow.

High flow capacity: The design of angle seat valves allows the medium to flow directly along one side of the valve body, reducing flow resistance and providing a larger flow capacity.


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